Roof & Accents Wrap

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Roof & Accents Wrap 

Some people have only their hoods wrapped. Sometimes wraps are only done for side mirrors or rear wings. Roof wraps are more popular than of those other options combined. Then there’s the color.  99% of roof wraps are done in black — some in matte black, others in gloss black.


What’s cool about black roof wraps

Black roof looks super classy. It might be the fact that the dark color at the top makes the car look lower. The black roof wrap makes it so that your eye is drawn away from the very top of the vehicle and it focuses more on the main body. After all, black is always in fashion.

Another reason why roof wraps are so popular is that you get the impression of having a big panoramic roof. BMW and Mercedes do this out of the factory on some of their cars.

Color aside, the roof of your car is a lot like your hood. It takes the grunt of the sun and weather exposure. Your roof also tends to get less care than the hood or other parts of your car. That’s one reason while you’ll often see failing clear-coat or failing paint on the roof first before any other part of a car.

Roof wraps are a great way to protect the paint on the roof from the elements. After you peel it off in a few years’ time, you will essentially have fresh brand new paint.