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Boat wraps is a kind of outdoor advertising product. It is established as one of the favorites of new technology products. It can be a mobile billboard for sea lovers to bring new faces to their boats or their brand, company. Boat wraps applications are first designed, then vinyl printed and installed after obtaining user approval. Diagnosis, design, high quality vinyl printing ends with the conversion of the design into print and installation.

 Bus Wraps Installation Advantages

 You can give your boats a perfect look with the 3M technique by dressing them. Boat wraps system application techniques have been making modern wraps for many years. With its unique cladding patterns, your boats will take their new shape at an affordable price. In addition to the cost of classical method boat paints, vinyl printing application techniques will be your choice with their low cost. Bus wraps installation will provide you with high profits and will protect the substrate of your buses against natural conditions. Bus wrapping techniques, which will function as your outdoor advertising tool, provide high advantages.

You can have a mobile billboard directly at an affordable price,

Your brand awareness will increase in both passengers and pedestrians.

It will work as a billboard whenever it is on the go.

It can reach your target by showing its direct effect on your sales.

Bus dressing application can be used in 3 directions. The front facade is left blank for full control of the driver. The two sides and rear of the bus are covered. If an application is to be made for the windshield, this process is called strip coating. It can be found in a certain area.

  Boat Wraps Application Techniques

 Boat wraps are applied with years of experience and experience. Your boat reflects your taste and quality. You can install by choosing the dressing technique you desire. works 24/7 as the most accurate information source. You can see the magnificent examples by visiting now. Boat wraps are the most impressive of the outdoor advertising types. Access to the target audience will always be operational for your brand, logo or company. You can also apply bus wraps according to years of weariness, fading colors and your need for change. Boat wraps types are selected with wide color and model types. It will impress with its modern appearance, as well as protect it from the influence of the sea. It also protects users from high dyeing prices and very laborious processes. The most important of the advantages of boat dressing is that it functions fully 24/7. It continues its advertising activities wherever and whenever it is. Dressing application will extend the life of your boat and offer you high comfort.

 What does EGI do? experienced experts for many years continue to work with 3M vinyl printing techniques. It works in a wide area from fleet wrapping to bus wrapping, from boat wrapping to special wraps and glass surfaces. It works safely in window graphic design, installations, car wraps, roof and other components wrapping, truck, trailer wraps. Founded in Boston, the company works with 3M certified products. While continuing on its way proudly in the field of profession, its biggest gain is customer satisfaction. The fact that it does perfect work at an affordable price is also a reason for preference.