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Car wraps are the process of wrapping and wrapping cars. You can get rid of the burden of buying a new car by changing the car that you have used for many years. works as a quality and trust address for you. Since its establishment, it continues to bring innovations with high-quality works. Graphic designs prepared by expert software developers working with years of experience are installed on the car with vinyl prints. Excellent examples can be seen at The company, which has been working with confidence since its establishment, works with the confidence of gaining expertise in the fields of wrapping and coating.

 Color Change Wraps

 Your vehicle can also get a new face with color change wraps processes. Car wraps will both provide protection and add visual richness to your car. The new face that you will gain with the EGI quality and the special designs of its experts will fascinate those who see your car. At the same time, the car wrap works as your mobile billboard. Your special promotion and taste or your brand will arrive as your company's advertisement board wherever it goes. Color change wraps application gives you your car with a completely different visual.

 He works as a graphic design and vehicle wrapping company with EGI 3M certification. He has gained trust in Boston and its surroundings for more than 12 years and continues his work with pride. It follows new technologies and uses it safely in its work in the best way., which has taken its place on digital platforms, designs and installs with high-quality software.

 Car Wraps With EGI Assurance

 Your car wraps processes are first designed and prepared for printing by EGI expert software developers. Then it is installed in your car and offers the expected result for you. Your car will not only get its new face, it will also be your mobile advertising tool. Vinyl wrap can be applied all over your car. The color wraps that can be made from the roof to the windows will in no way hinder your vision and driving. You can do partial wrapping on your car, you can request a full coating. The shape and pattern you desire can be applied, as well as completely plain colors. Car wraps works are designed by expert software developers, printed, and installed on your car. After the installation phase, your mobile billboard will start to make a positive contribution to your business. You can get detailed information by visiting Egi has been working with more than 12 years of experience and confidence in his professional journey.

 Car Wrapping & Dressing Operations

 Quality and trust are very important in car wrapping processes, as in all areas. In this sense, EGI works with confidence based on years of experience. Thanks to EGI, it is possible to have a mobile billboard with digital prints. A wide choice of colors, with the imagination of expert software developers, your car achieves excellent results. Partial wrapping or full wrapping can be applied. If the car is completely covered, your view will not be obstructed at all, while the advertising function is fully operational. Software work done by graphic designers is applied to the car in the form of vinyl prints. Your car will continue to serve you with its new look. You can see unlimited examples of EGI applications on the website.