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Trucks & trailers wrap is the wrapping process of commercial vehicles for special purposes. You will gain economic growth thanks to the wrapping and coating works to be done on vehicles used in commercial activities such as trucks, pickup trucks, and trailers. You will also be delivering your mobile billboards everywhere. You can see the samples at and set your preference. After your decision is clear, the designs are converted into visuals, and the visuals are on the way to printing.

 Trucks & trailer wraps

 You can gain many advantages by wrapping your trucks, trailers, and other commercial vehicles with a high-quality vinyl wrap. You can easily restore the worn-out paints and color changes after many years of use with wrapping works. Trucks & trailer wraps will give you a positive return as the most suitable advertising tool. The software developed by the experienced software team of many years is installed on your vehicles by printing vinyl.

 You should not forget that the system, which can be easily installed, will start to win immediately. The vehicles to be made specialty wraps are shaped by your decision and liking. Projects designed by EGI experts are wrapped in your vehicle after your approval. Wrapping processes can cover the vehicle completely, or it can be worked partially. After the full wrapping process, your field of vision or the function of your vehicle will not be missing in the slightest. Thus, you can send your high-quality wrapping, flawless visual billboard wherever you want.

 Specialty Wraps Applications

 Special wrapping works are implemented by combining the imagination of EGI expert software developers. Dreams follow the journey to projects, printing, and wrapping. Trucks & trailer wraps are the most suitable board for your brand, company, and logo. You can add movement to your commercial activities and increase your asset values ​​by making vinyl wrapping in this regard. EGI is proud to be rewarded for its achievements in Boston and its environs over many years.

 Every day, innovations and technological developments are followed by up-to-date applications. Specialty wraps are applied as a technique that is shaped exactly according to your taste. Perfect installations can be made within EGI, technical expert software developers can transfer your dreams to your vehicle. The company, which shapes its professional years on the basis of accuracy, quality, and trust, will be able to perform complete works for you.

 EGI For Safe And Quality Windings

 EGI, the address where your commercial vehicles such as trucks and trailers can be safely wrapped, carries out graphic design and installation work. With more than 15 years of experience and experience, it produces trust. Graphic experts, who have devoted their years to development, strive to reach perfection. The company, which has devoted its years to the priority of customer satisfaction, has been doing graphic design and installation works since the day it started.

 It applies the belief that quality and trust are paramount to all its services. You can wrap your trucks and trailers either completely or partially. Designs developed by graphic designer software experts are printed on vinyl. 3M vinyl wrap is installed on your vehicles within the body of expert EGI. Perfect installation is done for your specialty wraps brand, model, and logo. continues to work as the closest support address to you.