What Is Glass finishes And Fleet wraps?


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When designing a workspace, it is necessary to do everything right. When it comes to managing a job in the best way; It is important to pay attention to many things such as the color of the office, the lighting, the arrangement of the furniture. Arranging tables and seating to keep noise levels under control, especially in public places, requires a separate responsibility.

 For some time now, large open spaces have become highly functional for business owners, building owners, and restaurateurs. Businesses that rent open-plan offices have begun to reorganize their workspaces based on their needs or the number of employees they hire. Building owners who lease open offices or other open residential spaces have more flexibility in finding tenants.

 While the open-plan layout has been in vogue for some time, some business owners are looking for ways to divide or divide their space. Clear glass walls and partitions help define specific areas without completely blocking an open space. If more privacy is to be expected, a surface can be added to the glass. With GlassFinishes, glass coatings can be added to glass barrier walls by adding opacity or a decorative touch such as the brand's logo. There are many different options when it comes to glass coating.

  GlassFinishes Glass Coating Types

  Frosted glass

  The bathrooms with a window that let the light in before caught your attention. Frosted glass has a cloudy, foggy appearance. There are three different types of frosted glass models. These;

Acid-etched frosted glass,

Frosted glass made by sandblasting,

Finally, they are frosted glasses made in the form of film coating.

 Satin Glass

 A satin glass finish has some things in common with a frosted glass finish. Both are examples of glass that is opaque or you can't see through. Like etched frosted glass, satin glass is created by exposing a sheet of clear glass to hydrofluoric acid.

Reflective Glass

 Reflective glass is also one of the varieties of GlassFinishes. It is flat, clear or colored glass with a metallic coating on one side. The metallic coating causes the glass to reflect light, creating a mirror effect. Depending on its thickness, it can act like a one-way mirror.

 Tinted glass

 Tinted glass can be made in rainbow hues such as red, yellow, green, and blue, as well as darker tones such as gray and brown. There are two ways to create colored glass. One way is to add metal oxides or pigments to the glass, permanently changing its color.

  Glass film

  Frosted, satin, tinted and reflective glass surfaces are often created by physically altering the glass in some way. But window film has a similar effect. These films are adhesive and adhere firmly to smooth glass surfaces. Depending on your goals and the complexity of your design, covering the glass with a film may be the best option. Films come in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns.

  FleetWraps Fleet Wrap

  When defining a job, it should not be limited to some advertisements. The potential customer base can be increased thanks to special fleet coating, namely FleetWraps. FleetWraps means covering ordinary company vehicles with mobile billboards, thus turning them into interesting and dynamic advertising pieces.